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‘Are you happy in the country?’ – #FixTheCountry trends on social media as economic crisis bites hard

FixTheCountry campaign started a year ago on social media when the youth complained about the hardship of the country.

The agitations, however, subsided after the protestors carried out a massive demonstration in the principal streets of Accra on Wednesday, August 4, 2021.

They asked government among other things to provide realistic and sustainable solutions to issues concerning unemployment, hike in fuel prices, utility bills, food and rent.

A year on, some youth are back wondering if government bothered to address their concerns.

Taking it to their various timelines, the social media users highlighted the same issues they complained about the same year.

Ghana’s economical numbers have not been it best in recent times.

A cedi is depreciating to the dominant currencies at a fast pace. Similarly, there has been a hike in fuel prices with a litre of diesel selling at ₵10.

Many economists have expressed worry that the country’s economy is on the verge of collapse if proper interventions are not implemented as soon as possible.

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