Anita De-Sosoo blasts NPP for ‘mismanaging’ economy

A National Vice Chairperson of the opposition National Democratic (NDC) Congress, Anita De-Sosoo has lashed out at the governing New Patriotic Party accusing them of mismanaging the economy.

According to De-Sosoo, the NPP government has destroyed the sound policies instituted by the NDC.

Speaking in an interview with Citi News, Madam De-Sosoo said the NPP’s mismanagement of the economy would make it easier for the NDC to win power in the 2020 election.
“Business people are crying, workers are crying, electricity is up, health insurance I learnt would be cancelled soon. Nurses are crying, drivers are crying. This shows the economy is not doing well,” she said.

She mentioned that an economy that is doing well would have reflected on the lives of people as well as goods and services.

Madam De-Sosoo stated that the government had increased unemployment rate by replacing people employed by the NDC in community policing program.

“Of late things are different, and when you talk to them [NPP], they will tell you different things all together. In community policing, we [NDC] employed about 5,000 [people]. Under the YEA we employed about 65,000 workers. After our tenure, the NPP told the community police people to leave. Now they are recruiting their own people. Meanwhile, we [NDC] did not do that. Now about 60,000 by July ending would be laid off,” she said.

She blamed Ghanaians for voting the NPP into power and rejected the NDC government that according to her was doing well with the management of the economy.

“It is God who has made it so. If God gives you something, no matter what it is, appreciate God. We said we do not want what God wants, we want what we want, and God has given him to us,” she said.

The Ghana Police Service is to recruit 15,000 Community Police Assistants this month [May] through the Youth Employment Agency (YEA).

The beneficiaries will help the police gather intelligence to help reduce crimes in the country.
Source: citinewsroom.com

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