Anas’ Number 12: Nyantakyi’s case will come to nothing – Captain Smart

Outspoken journalist, Blessed Nana Godsbrain Smart, aka Captain Smart has stated that beleaguered GFA president, Kwesi Nyantakyi will go scot free despite being captured in Anas’ explosive investigative piece dubbed, Number 12.

In his estimation, the justice system in the country works against only the poor, but not the rich.

Contributing to the discussion on TV Africa’s Breakfast Live show on Friday, he questioned why some people like Alfred Agbesi Woyome is walking about freely on the streets of Accra while someone who merely stole a goat is sentenced to prison with hard labor.

“I don’t think anybody can ensure Kwesi Nyantakyi punished.”

“I am not a lawyer, but the man only sought to engage investors saying, come and do business with us. But when you’re coming bring this and we will give it to this person or that person.

“You should know that Nyantakyi didn’t implicate anybody from what I saw in the Anas Number 12 exposé.

“Look, Nyantakyi just said something that would entice somebody to come and do business in Ghana”, he observed.

“The only problem I have with Kwesi is when he said, we would establish a company and you will pay the monies through my company and we will share it between us 20%-25 so that there will be peace.

“What kind of peace is he talking about? Is it the corruptible peace or what type of peace? Again, the part he said the money will be paid through his private company is a clear case of conflict of interest,” he added.

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