Anas is very funny, he Is selling Ghana cheap to foreign media

It is time some Ghanaians should wake up and put on the amour of sense and the goggles of rightful observance and judge rightly.

It seems most Ghanaians were quick to judge and refused to have a second look at the Anas’ investigative piece he just premiered at the AICC.

Anas who parades himself as investigative journalist appears to be untouchable because ,it seems there are superiors both local and international supporting his work so it makes it very difficult for anyone dare to question his credibility.

But in the real sense can he be subjected to questions to prove his credibility? If yes then this is an opportunity for me to write my submission.

Anas who appears to be a God for some Ghanaians and for that matter no one can questions or raise any suspicious allegations against him is ruining our nation to the last stone and therefore selling Ghanaians and Ghana cheap to the foreign media.

You may not be aware but I am drawing your attention to it so that with vivid analysis and critical thinking you will get better understanding of it.

Anas is riding on the canker of corruption in Ghana to promote his personal agenda, thus abusing the integrity and reputations of some of our leaders indirectly.

Now my questions is Do Anas really know and understand what is called DEFAMATION? If yes then why he did not pass through the appropriate office or procedures to expose his victims but choosed to do it the way he wanted it to be?

Why didn’t he sue the man(Northen Region Chief) who made an allegation about him that he bribed Him(Anas) $500K but rather decided to sue Kennedy Agyapong?

It amused me when I heard on the news that He has sued Kennedy Agyapong for an amount of 25 million Ghana cedis.By the way Since the case is in the court I will not dive deep into it.

Anas is trying to fool Ghanaians and to my understanding He has not being fair to his victims.

Why I am saying this, Anas is now trying to protect his integrity and reputations at the court of law when Kennedy Agyapong raised suspicious allegations against him.

Take a look, can Kotoko , Accra Heart of Oak and the affected Players and Clubs and innocent referees and officials who have lost their jobs do the same to him(Anas) by suing him?

To my best of knowledge The presumption of innocence is the principle that one is considered innocent unless proven guilty. It was traditionally expressed by the Latin maxim ei incumbit probatio qui dicit, non qui negat (“the burden of proof is on the one who declares, not on one who denies”).

Why Anas didn’t present his investigative findings to the court of our land for them to determine whether or not those in the footage were guilty of corruption before exposing it or premiering it, so sadly he went ahead to post it on social media and finally premiered it for masses to watch it just to shame people who has toiled their blood for years to work for this nation. Is he above the law of our land?

In many instances even if a thief or an arm robber is caught on a camera stealing he or she will be subjected to a fair trials before proven guilty , therefore seeing someone in a footage stealing does not mean he is guilty and thus he or she should be sent to prison without fair trials.

Do you know the harm that Anas investigations have caused some people?

Now let take these instance of Anas parading himself Heart of Oak officials and bribed a referee to rob Asante Kotoko. In this instance do know the harm that the tiger eye caused Asante Kotoko for them losing 3 premier league points to Hearts of Oak. Supposing this act of Anas resulted in a clash between the supporters of these great teams and lives were lost, who would have been beard the blame, the referee or the one who enticed the referee.

Exposing Ghanaian corrupt officials without court’s initial jurisdictions is gross threat and disrespect to our homeland Ghana and for that matter the development of our nation.

What image is He portraying Ghana to the foreign media front?What will our foreign donors and investors think about Ghana? He is just destroying and disgracing our homeland.

To end my submission I will like to throw a little light on who is Anas and his mission as investigative journalist.

Anas who is undercover journalist investigations focus primarily on issues of human rights abuse (especially child abuses) and corruption.

To fight corruption one may say it is good to initiative to get rid of buyable officials in our country thus killing the spirit of corruption from the veins of Ghanaians especially our leaders.

Now the questions I will leave for you to answer are:

Is He doing it in the right way?
Is there any hidden agenda behind what He is doing?
Is he above the laws of our land?
Why can’t we question his integrity as undercover journalist?
Now comment with your opinion.
Written by : Komfa Ishmael Ofori
Facebook: Komfa Ishmael
Watsapp: 0243510505

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