Anas’ Expose: the how or the outcome?

For some days now , people have started questioning the modus operandi of Anas and whether he shouldn’t also be seen as a someone paying bribe.

In answering that question, as to how Anas gets his information and how he operates, I would like to quote Nickolo Machaevelli, who once said “Do evil so that good may come out of it but the good that comes out of the evil should surpass the evil”

Let’s ask ourselves if his(Anas’) investigations are bringing out good things even if he used a wrong approach. If yes, then as to how he gets it, once not under duress, shouldn’t be a problem. And which foolish person will accept bribe if u told him he’s been recorded?

As to how Anas gets his information, I don’t care! As to how he gets his resources to carry out his investigations, I don’t care!! Once he’s helping fight corruption, I’m OK .

When the CIA and CTU capture terorists, do you question them as to how they got them? When the Guardian and other western news agencies bring out their reports and investigations, do u question them as to how the get their info?? Has anyone ever aked Hon. Ken Agyapong, Abdul Malik Kweku Baako or Manasseh Azure to reveal their sources of means of getting information?

Even if he took money to “pull someone down”, those caught allowed themselves to be caught. If he did set a trap and u fell for it, remember you could have said NO!

When the Immigration officers, Judges and the cocoa smuggling tape amongst others were shown, what was our response? Why the sudden brouhaha? Didn’t those people have families, reputation and integrity?

If he (Anas) himself is corrupt, and there are enough evidence to that effect, it should be brought out or be reported to the appropriate office. There

If the fight against corruption isn’t necessary, the special prosecutor’s office wouldn’t be created. Due to corruption, a lot of young, brilliant and energetic ladies and guys are struggling to have a meal in a day. Some have even chosen “the wrong path” just to survive. We’ve cried for years for state institutions to name, shame and prosecute these corrupt state officials but all efforts have proved futile.

We’ve been told that if these institutions can function properly, they will need the help of citizens. It is for this reason that the president admonished admonished us to be citizens. So if an individual is playing his part in fighting corruption, where from this campaign to shut him down? So if Anas is being a good citizen, what is our problem?

For me, if he will be given all the resources in this country to fight corruption and he can do it well, give him the resources! ! NOBODY questions how undercover agents get their information but we praise them. After all , THE END JUSTIFIES THE MEANS!

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Evans Mensah

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