An open letter to President Akufo-Addo

Mr. President,


The current general public assessments of the state of our nation have touched two major areas of special interests to Ghanaians both at home and abroad. Deliberations back home do attract and carry the same emotional weight as those over here.

I will look at the two issues from economic value added perspectives. The most important thing Ghana would want to worry herself about, currently, is the pursuit of strategic implementation of policies to alleviate poverty and install prosperity. Now, let’s begin:

Is there any same-sex interconnectivity with National Development?

Mr. President, I have difficulty in bridging the ideological pursuit of same-sex in Ghana and the fortunes of developing Ghana to the standards of globally-accepted optimal level.

Should heterosexuals also demand to showcase their private bedroom practices in public, then what kind of concert would be best to view first? Let’s agree on the basic human rights that all humans are equal and protected before the law.

However, it is illegal and punishable by both constitutional and customary law to go naked in public.

Offence is an offence! Parenthetically, it is even far more offensive and punishable with rebuke and ostracism in the Ghanaian society to find married women half-naked; let alone demonstrating anal sex in public, for instance.

Mr. President, I have no doubt that you have given an amount of time to deliberate your reaction over the subject that same-sex is bound to happen in Ghana.

They already exist, nonetheless, Mr. President! Biblical history posits that same-sex existed in the event that sunk Sodom and Gomora, invoked God’s fury, and got buried under the Dead sea.

Initially, the thought of homosexuality brought generic beliefs that habits developed those characterizations.

However, many scientific and social studies have found variety of causes of gay-lesbianism in humans. One scientific finding believes in recessive genetic composition affecting the hormonal distribution in the body similar to the bubbles in the financial markets.

I guess, the brain area for sex is messed up in homosexuals. Others are purely buffoonery and infamy. Could their situational conditions be definable disabilities? Then, they need medical attention.

The major worry here, though, is: “Why should the whole nation sacrifice productivity for the discussions on how homosexuals operate?” I will strongly suggest that homosexual issues be assigned to the ministry of health to help these individuals in settling into the society.

What kind of special treatment is due to homosexuals that demand gubernatorial impressions and sanctions on the state? Our Ghanaian society is friendly, caring, and considerate.

Our humanism and humanitarian gestures must not be taken for weaknesses to force distastes on our peace-loving people.

The repercussions could even be extremely deleterious. Mr. President, please do not downplay this issue on Ghanaians.

Pushing for constitutional recognition will invite future governments to try something else that Ghanaians may not be happy with.

A disgruntled nation may invite military coups d’état to overthrow a “congested” constitution for a fresh write-up.

Already, Jerry Rawlings’s created hateful hegemony still hangs around the necks of successive governing missteps.

Mr. President, please don’t! Because, constitutional recognition of either heterosexuality or homosexuality have not been found in any scientific research to have any relationship with optimal productivity in national development.

Your own appointees have also been cited for humiliating showtime. For example, Professor Okoye, the Speaker of the National Assembly in a recent media interaction, has coughed out resentment and readiness to openly disgust your request, should you boldly submit discussions of such issue to parliament against all advice.

In situations like this, your performance may suffer rating and our dear party will eventually be crippled in future contests for quite a long time.

On a final note in this section, it is rather very baffling as to why the Western countries will want to force homosexual constitutional recognition on predominantly traditionally heterosexual African countries.

Indeed, it is interesting to see their energies invested in the subject. The main reason why the United States and England want Ghana to constitutionally force same-sex on Ghanaians is that homosexuals deserve their human rights.

Ghana does not persecute homosexuals, so please let’s reserve our energies on important issues such as rural agriculture, rural electrification, community health development, environmental health, rural road network, rural drinking water, the plight of school-going children, and elimination of corruption from our society.

Please tell the West to help us on such issues and abandon their pressures on gay-lesbianism because Ghana does not have a constitutional provision to persecute them.

On a lighter note, I live in the USA, and I can speak authoritatively that same-sex individuals have complained and reported harassments and near persecutions in the USA soil.

So please, let sovereign nations mind their own businesses and stop hypocrisies.

Foreign Military Bases in Ghana

Another area bothering Ghanaians is the thought of military bases in Ghana. Mr. President, your recent state of the nation address on the subject equated similar practices of your previous predecessors.

While your critics may probably not be realistic and free from honesty, your handling of the issue was equally not prudent.

Similar circumstances may be different in approach. While allowing a temporary use of Ghanaian space to attack terrorist operations, such as Boko Haram, may render national compromise, a similar decision along this line less terrorism will undoubtedly generate national resentment.

Of increasing uncertainty, is the failure of our parliament and their poor delivery of service to the nation.

This has consistently pointed to the inferior downgraded representativeness of the parliamentarians to their constituents.

Some are of poor educational level to comprehend the current affairs. Many of them are acculturated along party lines and their services are seriously impaired at the expense of the quest for national development.

Parenthetically, it is fair Mr. President, to seek national opinion in matters of high sensitivity from the citizenry, rather than adherence to the growing untrustworthiness of the few lawmakers and stomach politicians.

Free Consultancy for Governing Principles

In closure, I’d suggest that you reduce the high frequency of background noise in the national development by concentrating on the strategic implementation of economic viable policies.

Foremost, agricultural entrepreneurship. I have written and debated on this topic for several years. This strategy is one most single method to drive millions to work with virtually no overhead costs for government.

Mr. President, you led the delivery of the Millennium Challenge Account as a foreign minister during the Kufuor administration to secure US$547-Million, plus extra US$50-Million.

So what has changed then? The free consultancy from the USA Bush administration suggested to use the money for producing agricultural products—with specifically selected products—from the rich Ghanaian agricultural soil. Some progress was made.

The minister of the private sector development, Dr. Paa Kwesi Nduom, was charged to develop refrigeration of the impending products for export, but pursuit on this met its untimely death.

I see interconnectedness of agribusiness and your “One-District-One-Factory” (ODOF) mantra. Ghana’s is an agrarian economy so vote US$2-Billion for selected graduate unemployeds or say 50,000 educated Ghanaians to turnkey the economy.

Select agricultural products of value in the global market or use the same products proposed by the Americans and force production along that line. Each of the 50,000 can employ 20 Ghanaians to help in farming the selected product with a loan of US$40,000 each.

An instant One-Million jobs are created. Local entrepreneurs can even process some of the products to give value and generate demand. This is income generation by Ghanaians for Ghanaians.

Government can decide on return on the invested US$2-Billion to tackle rural electrification, transportation, and road construction.

Again, this is one most single strategic plan for Ghana’s economic recovery, resuscitation, and sustainability. Any presumed strategy is a hoax.

They may appear legitimate but, down the road, the campaign will be deceptive. More so, contemporary industrialization has shifted gears from physical structural design into mobile factory design.

Mr. President, the archetype of the industrial paradigm has shifted! So, let’s shift gears as well. Let’s reduce the background noise by driving Ghanaians into farming, an industry specific that they are very much familiar with but, in a less stressful mode, commercial farming.

Mr. President, I’m currently engaged in research looking at the sustainability of the USA national economy.

My major hypothesis is that the USA agricultural farming sector, upon which the giant nation secured its spirituality, advancement, and superiority, is close to possible extinction.

This is because, the sector that started with more than 2.6-Million farmers in the Mid-West USA in 1862, has less than 700 farmers in 2018. A couple of reasons.

First, giant and deep pocketed multinational corporations like Monsanto, have driven small farm-holding owners into suicidal.

Actually, the suicide rate among Mid-West small farmers has increased by 17% (January 2018 National Public Radio report.)

Even previous governments, especially Barrack Obama’s government, declared certain lands eminent domains and handed them to multinational corporations.

This single action has devastated farmers into abject poverty and destitution.

Now, I’m collecting a huge 30-year period (1988—2018) trade data to assess the products that USA once was a leader, and now abandoned to countries like El Salvador, Colombia, Brazil, China, South Africa, and so forth for importations of natural tasty foods.

I will use autoregressive manipulative financial mathematical models to soften the text to reach results.

Second, natural tastes have been altered by modified proteins or organisms (GMOs) and people yearn for natural feeds.

The GMOs have been found to have increased all forms of ailments, such as colon cancers, obesity, and unexplained deaths.

If the trend continues this way, the USA will be at the mercy of hostile entities with food as a weapon to go on her knees. Third, USA has just reported slowdown of her population growth.

Both female and male impotency is on the rise. Scientific expert research is fingering poor nutritional diet, long-term economic recession, poverty, and the stress of maintaining a decent family thereby young productive people resolve to stay single and not bothered.

Perhaps retrograding and descending deeply into gay-lesbian rituals. To fight this canker, the Trump administration has increased high-paying quality job-creation.

President Trump is set to negotiate with China to end trade wars by first sending pleasantries like lifting embargo on Chinese ZTE microchip importations. This is tipped to create over 75,000 technical jobs for USA workers inside the United States soil.

And most importantly (underlined) the USA expects China to lift their side of embargo on USA exports of soya beans to China.

China promises at least a minimum demand of US$2-Billion (realistic demand could hit US$100-Billion) of soya beans from the USA, something northern Ghana presents as best producers and one of the requirements that President Bush’s team advised Ghana during the Millennium Challenge deal.

President Trump this week met Mid-West small-holding farmers and promised them with soya beans production to boost their incomes and to reduce their stress and a plan to return them to full-time engagements in agriculture thereby avoiding suicides among them.

Small-holding farmers improve economy and increase quality food production. It is the strategy for countries like Ghana seeking economic recovery.

It is upon such impending milliard dangers narrated above that a search for economic-friendly partners has been ongoing in the USA, and Ghana stands to benefit long-term food trade with the United States.

Ghana must go to work. Agricultural farming is key to Ghana’s economic resuscitation. THE END.

Mr. President, I pray for God’s wisdom, good health, and blessings for You, First Lady and the entire First Family to continue to lead under His care. God Bless Always!

Konongo Fordjour Nie! Afenhyia Pa!

[email protected]

P. O. Box 52525 Boston, MA 02205-5252 USA
Columnist: Kwadwo O.A.Fordjour

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