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Amakye Dede is always a “Serious” Man

Call him the King of Highlife and you may not be far from right. Hails from Agogo in the Asante Akyem North District, Amakye Dede is one of the reasons why most Ghanaians developed great interest in Highlife music.

Though he is not the originator of Highlife in Ghana, he has helped immensely to take it far not only in Ghana but across the West Africa neighbouring countries like Nigeria, Ivory Coast, etc.

After his arrival from Nigeria in the late 70s together with his Apollo High-Kings Band, Kofi Dede as is sometimes called by his friends has consistently given good accounts of himself in Ghana music. Most of his early songs are still the toast of the younger generation as people always say “Amakye Dede songs are always fresh to listen to”.

Right now he is the “Kyeredomhene” of Agogo Asante Akyem. He was enstooled “Kyeredomhene” by Agogomanhene Nana Akuoko Sarpong few years ago because he is a crowd puller particularly to Agogo.

For sometime now Amakye Dede has been staying at his home town doing business along side apart from his chieftancy role. He operates a nice looking Restaurant cum Hotel which has been named after his former popular spot at Lapaz in Accra – Abrante Spot”.

His place has become the center of attraction especially during weekends where there are funeral services in Agogo. It is also the favourite joint for visitors, workers and business executives who are sent to Agogo either for private business or government sectors. This is why Abrante is always a serious man.

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