Alleged US$10k trip to US: Presidential staffer insults Facebook user

Presidential staffer Charles Nii Teiko Tagoe has responded harshly to a Facebook user who accosted him over his alleged deportation from the United States of America in mid-September.

Tagoe had on October 4, 2022, made a routine post about the government’s intervention in the health sector when the user by the name of Mo Barhama jumped into the comment section with his ‘attack.’

“The $10000 you wasted on a plane ticket only to get deported could have been put to good use in this regard,” he responded to Tagoe’s post which was an artwork with a child and a caption that read: “The government through the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection has developed a strategic framework to end child marriage in Ghana,”

A clearly unenthused staffer responded: “Mo Barhama I just went through your pictures and I won’t say anything again. Kwasiaaaaa saaa no. Internet has worried us paaaaa.”

An unrepentant Mo Barhama will not back down, going ahead to share the purported boarding pass of Tagoe’s trip and a cedi conversion of US$10,000 while responding to other commenters who were defending the presidential staffer.

One such defender by the name of IK Bonney was then asked by the presidential staffer to stop minding Barhama.

“IK Bonney You have time to waste on this idiot? You paaaa. Hunger will continue to kill idiots like that. Don’t waste time and energy,” Tagoe replied.

Charles Nii Teiko Tagoe was reported by The Herald Newspaper to have been deported from the United States in mid-September, hours after he arrived in the country.

He has not denied making the trip but has flatly denied having been deported and threatened to sue the paper and its publisher Larry Dogbe.

Dogbe has since published supposed flight details and dared Tagoe to follow through with his promise to sue.

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