Alleged $75,000 bus price: GH Daewoo tackles Kevin Taylor’s propaganda

The local agents of international automobile giant Daewoo, GH Daewoo has downplayed what the company claims is calculated, well-crafted mischief by lead social media propagandist Kelvin Taylor of ‘With All Due Respect platform.’

GH Daewoo led by its Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Ofori Poku, is admonishing Ghanaians and the general public to treat Kevin Taylor with the highest level of contempt particularly regarding issues relating to a bus contract by the Ministry of Transport to purchase 50 Daewoo buses which he (Kevin Taylor) claimed one is supposed to sell for $75,000.

Kevin Taylor after making references to prices of the Daewoo buses sited on leading global E-Commerce platform Alibaba, claims bloated and overpriced figures.

But on the contrary, according to GH Daewoo, there is more to the listings on Alibaba and it is not just about the pricing.

GH Daewoo and its international partner Zyle Daewoo Commercial Vehicle have made it clear in a press statement that the company hold in high esteem the unblemished reputation of Daewoo motors and would not engage in anything fictitious let alone getting involved in over-pricing scandals.

Below is the full statement signed by the company’s Regional Manager, Overseas Division, T.K. Kim

RE: Daewoo Bus Price

The attention of Zyle Daewoo Commercial Vehicle has been drawn on a social media publication to the effect that our representative in Ghana GH-Daewoo has been implicated for overpricing the cost of our bus models GL6127HK and GDW6121HK for US$175,000 each instead of $75,000 as it purportedly shown on Alibaba website. We would like to state for the followings in order to understand the situation more correctly.

We would like to point out some issues why the broadcasting has not reflected the following facts;

The Guilin GDW6121HK model displayed on Alibaba is just a sample price and lowest and standard price in order to tempt the customer.

There is no specification fixed. It is an ideal price with no adding option price There is no trade terms such as EXW, FOB, CIF etc. It has to be discussed when the actual order made. It is only EXW price.

There is another model such as GL6127 (please see below) the price range $75,000-$135,000 on Alibaba. It really shows there will be differences by specification and price with option. Our exporting models to GH (GDW6121HK and GL6127HK) includes many Korean parts such as E/G, T/M, Clutch etc., we Zyle Daewoo HQ supplied to Gulin for assembly.

Meanwhile, the Alibaba price is based on only all Chinese components. There is no mention about Warranty condition, and training and PDI, parts and dealer margin for additional cost to be included.

We, Zyle Daewoo HQ state categorically that we sold the models GL6127HK and GDW6121HK to our Distributor GH DAEWOO MOTORS LTD. In Ghana at cost of US$175,000 per unit.

We strongly issue a disclaimer and repudiate the claim by Kevin Taylor that our models GL6127HK and GDW6121HK should have been sold for $75,000.

Please check below website (Alibaba)

Counting on your cooperation

T.K. Kim/Regional Manager

Overseas Business Division

Source: Ghana Daewoo

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