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Aisha Huang is chief NPP financier – Otokunor alleges

Deputy General Secretary of the National Democratic Congress, Peter Boamah Otokunor, has alleged that Chinese national Aisha Huang is a bank roller of the New Patriotic Party (NPP).

Speaking to the media on the sidelines of an NDC press conference on September 15, Otokunor suggested that it was for this reason that a nolle prosequi was filed in court allowing her release in 2018.

Commenting on the depreciation of the Cedi, he indicated that gold was the solution to the problem, however, the resource has been left to Aisha Huang and her exploitative operations.

He stated that she has further been emboldened to carry out her activities as a result of funding she gives the NPP with – a reason why the governing party was defending her.

Otukonor warned that citizens would not sit aloof for the NPP to take them on a fools ride.

“We are suffering one of the worst currency challenges in the history of this country. Gold has the solution to this problem. They are not paying taxes on the galamsey. She is smuggling the gold.

“She is doing all manner of things against our law and because NPP is in government and maybe they claim she’s their financier, they are defending her and they want all of us to follow suit.

“I mean all of us cannot be fools in this country. If perhaps they have been deceived by Aisha Huang because she has given them some pittances or because Bawumia went cap in hand begging them for money and she led them to go and raise funds for their campaign, that doesn’t mean we the citizens of this country must sit down and allow them to rip the nation off,” he said.

Asked if he had any basis for his claim about Ms. Huang being a financier of NPP, he said “I mean if she is not a financier of the NPP, I wonder how somebody who is supposed to have been deported and the president admitting that she has been deported.

Otokunor further berated the president over his state of unawareness on the ‘deportation’ status of Aisha Huang.
He described the president’s attitude as one which has become one too many and of great concern.

“…I wonder how somebody who is supposed to have been deported and the president admitting that she has been deported. The senior minister, if you want the prime minister Osafo-Maafo saying that she has been deported, all of a sudden the president is playing dumb and saying that he doesn’t know that the woman has been deported.

“I think that it is becoming one to many and it is becoming a worrying trend. You have a sitting president who always says that he is not aware of decisions he himself has undertaken.

“The President has issued executive instrument and he says he is not aware. He has written letters of authority and he says he is not aware. Corruption appears under him and everybody is talking about it and he says he is not aware.

“Today, Aisha Huang, he is saying that he is not aware that Aisha Huang was deported. Very soon he will say that he is not aware he is the president of this country and I think we should be worried. We should be concerned,” the deputy NDC Chief scribe said.

Meanwhile, Aisha Huang has been denied bail together with her three accomplices. They have been remanded in custody for two weeks.

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