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African music does more than just relieve stress – M.anifest

Ghanaian rapper M.anifest has debunked the assumption that music, African music in particular, is mainly for escapism and stress relief.

In a recent interview, M.ani, as he’s affectionately called, was reacting to the BBC’s Peter Okwoche’s view that currently, musicians from Africa are doing music from a perspective which is “a more positive side, a more socially conscious side, a more politically conscious side to the lyrics that are being put out there.”

M.anifest was asked what he believes is the reason for this change.

“I think musicians and creatives in general, [have] become aware that when you resonate with people, you’re going to be successful,” the award-winning rapper offered.

He gave the impression the change is due to some daring and influential pacesetters on the music scene.

“So sometimes, it takes one of two people who take the risk to make music, or to make art that reflects life or are touching on certain things and it resonates and other people follow suit.”

Finally, the poet and social commentator was emphatic in saying, “People are taught that, music is for escapism, or Africa is too hard, we are just making to escape and dance. It’s a lie. That’s what we’re told but it’s a lie.”

‘Madina to the Universe’ is M.anifest’s latest project. It is also the namesake of his ongoing international tour.

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