African liberation day presentation

Greetings Comrades, today we celebrate 60 years when our fore freedom fighters adopted a conscious and uncompromising effort to liberate African from the shackles of imperialism, and I’m most honoured to speak in my capacity as the PCC of the Nkrumahist Circle on behalf of my comrade and leader Yusef Gariba and the NC at large. Since much has been elaborated, I will like to highlights some few things we the youth are not doing today, and I’m strongly convicted that it is this our inaction that is partially a cause of our current oppressed state.

A. Our youth are not studying today- myth of literacy, difference btn education and literacy.

Dubois stated, “education is that whole system of human training within and without the school house walls, which molds and develop men.”

B. We are not organizing, coordinating and working together as youth to pusha common goal, Nkrumah said, ” as long as we remain balkanized we shall forever be at the mercy of the imperialist.” Our youth have been divided with every possible mechanism, religion, sports, tribe, class, think of many more.

Next I will like to espouse what the youth must do today to push us on the path of liberation.

A. Get educated and educate others
B. Demonstrate against injustice. Dubois said, Oppression cost the oppresor too much if the oppressed stand up and protest. The more silence we remain, the higher injustice and wrong doings will be imposed on us.

C. We must engage in community services. The enemy uses a strstegy of isolation and murder, so our only security must be the people, so as youth we must work and resonate with the people to guard against the enemy’s strategy.

D. We must run for power. George padmore said a people without power is a people without respect, as youth must always seek to maintain power, because if we study history, almost all the people who have imparted and changed the world begun from their youthful age, Nkrumah, Cabral, Sankara, Padmore, mention all the African freedom fighters.

Conclusion .
There has been this deceitful cliché that the youth are the future leaders, but Frederick Douglas said the youth must be leaders today because those who rule today are sick. We must react now in our youthful age or perish in our adult age, it is easier to build strong children than to repair broken adults. We must fight today while we possess the energy.

Long live the African revolution
Power belongs to the people.
Columnist: Osei Agyemang Fidel || The Nkrumahist Circle

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