Afful Broni is bankrolling an independent candidate

There appears to be an unquenchable love between Anthony Afful Broni and James Kofi Annan. The reasons are not far-fetched.

Having realized Hon. Alexander Kwamena Afenyo Markin is the toast of the entire constituency as a result of his several efforts made to alleviate poverty within the zone and to help thousands of people to set up their own businesses, James Kofi Annan who claims to be a member of the NPP does not stand a chance against Afenyo in the party’s primaries.

He even went to Johnson Asiedu Nketia and expressed his desire to contest as a parliamentary candidate on the ticket of the NDC, a request which was turned down by the General Secretary of the NDC for reasons courtesy would not allow me to pour here.

One thing he also did was to have a chat with Afful Broni (at the time he was not the Vice-Chancellor) and implored him to append his signature to a memo he James Kofi Annan has written so that they could present same to the Presidency for money. Afful Broni would not agree, an event that enraged Kofi Annan. Consequently, he sent messages to Afful Broni that he would move heaven and earth to scuttle his Vice-Chancellor ambition due to his failure to sign the memo he had penned.

It is interesting that now, the then enemy of the progress of Afful Broni is the very person ferociously defending him. It is just simple.

Afful Broni, having succeeded in getting to the topmost position of his career, and with the knowledge that he has cash to burn since the University’s funds are at his disposal, is seen by James Kofi Annan as the man with the oil to help him with his political ambition. Afful Broni has been having clandestine meetings with this man all in an effort to parry the pressure being mounted on him to step aside. Just last night, another meeting was held to plan about how to rally the supporters of Kofi Annan to hit the streets in the coming days in solidarity with Afful Broni.

Bottom line, Afful Broni is sponsoring James Kofi Annan to go independent in the next elections.

The question is, where is the money coming from? We do not need to have extrasensory powers to come to the realization that Afful Broni is bankrolling James Kofi Annan using UEW funds.

The GHS5.7 million which Afful Broni has paid to himself and his cronies in just six months is a testament to the fact that UEW is the source of funds for Kofi Annan’s political activities.

Impliedly, Afful Broni’s continuous stay as UEW Vice Chancellor is inimical to the health of the finances of the University. James Kofi Annan’s sudden love for Afful Broni is just to project himself to the political limelight banking his hopes on the millions of monies Afful Broni sits on as UEW Vice Chancellor.

Columnist: P.K.Sarpong

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