Accra sports stadium renovation nears completion – Project manager

The Project Manager in charge of the Accra Sports Stadium renovation, Chris Aviah, has disclosed that the project will be completed before the Women’s AFCON kicks off later this year.

Renovation works on the edifice began in February this year, but many have expressed fears that it may not be completed on time for the Women’s AFCON which is just 4 months away.

But Chris Aviah estimates work done so far at 70% and is confident the facility would be ready by the middle of October.

“The work will be completed on time. I’m estimating somewhere between 60-70% of the work completed so far. We are going to stay on the wok until we complete.

“A few months ago you saw the rusted roof and metal railings, but as you can see how we’ve removed all of them,” he said.

“I’m sure by October the work will be completed.”

The Accra Sports Stadium and the Cape Coast Stadia have been identified as the two venues for the Women’s AFCON in November.

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