Abolish death penalty now! – Amnesty Int., Ghana

Amnesty International, Ghana has called for the abolishing of the Death Penalty from Ghana’s law books stressing the punishment does not scare criminals from continuing to commit crimes.

According to the National Campaign and Fundraising Coordinator, Amnesty International, Ghana, Samuel Agbotsey, criminals still engage in unlawful activities when they clearly know that the Death Penalty could be handed to them if they are caught.

“Evidence has shown that killing people, (death penalty) has never solved crime, the death penalty does not scare them. Some four armed robbers went to rob, police shot to death two of them, the two others managed to escape. The following day they went back to rob again when they knew that their fellows had been killed. Armed robbers don’t fear anything they are already dead, they have nothing to lose, so death is not something they are afraid of. What is driving the criminals is more than the word death. If not police will not be killing armed robbers on a regular basis and you still get people to go and rob again,” Samuel Agbotsey said on Ghana Kasa on Kasapa FM hosted by Bonohene Baffour Awuah.

He said the fact that the death sentence has not served any purpose but remains on Ghana’s law books, paints Ghana as a country that believes in the death sentence.

“If we believe that killing is good why are we not killing the criminals on the death sentence. Why is it that no President after late President Rawlings has not signed the death penalty,” Samuel Agbotsey asked?

As of August 2021, Ghana has 163 persons on death row.


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