60,000 Ghanaians still living in war-torn Libya – Report

A report by the International Organisation for Migration’ (IOM) Displacement Tracking Metrix has revealed that more than 60,000 Ghanaians are still stuck in war-ton Libya.

The report further reveals that Ghana remains one of the countries with the highest number of migrants in Libya.

Out of the 12 countries ranked, Ghana came 5th followed by Nigeria and Mali. Niger topped the list of countries with 78,723 migrants followed by Egypt, which had a total of 78,616 migrants in Libya.

The recent disclosure comes months after some 127 Ghanaian detainees were rescued from Libya following a CNN’s footage of migrants being auctioned off as slaves in Libya.

Speaking on Starr FM, the Country Director for IOM, Sylvia Lopez, disclosed that the Ghanaians living in Libya are not in detention centers.

The migrants, she said, will only be repatriated at their own request.

“When it comes to any new returns as a matter fact, it is purely voluntary, so it is for the migrant to decide to come back to their countries of origin,” she said.

The findings of the report come after over 200 Ghanaian migrants in Libya returned home with the assistance of the IOM in March.

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