5 Best Places For Bachelor Party To Escape To In 2021

It’s finally here – your best friend’s last few days of ‘sovereignty’ and ‘freedom’. And now the pressure is on you to plan a party so epic; it puts the movie “The Hangover” to shame. After all, you and your gang have waited for one of you to take the plunge just so you could plan the fanciest bachelor party you could afford. And you can’t manage to disappoint any of them.

So, let’s get right to it. Below are the five best places on earth that have anything and everything you’d ever want for a party that is your friend’s last guilt-free pass: good food, gambling, hot women, and most importantly- lots of alcohol.

1.     Montreal

Leave your conscience at home before coming to Montreal, Canada, because this is a place with exciting activities, top-class entertainment options, fancy restaurants, and state-of-the-art accommodation. It’s a city that strikes the perfect balance between wild and mild.

 It has famous weekly dance parties as well as summer and winter music festivals. For parties, there are plenty of gentlemen’s clubs, vibrant bars, and glamorous nightclubs in every corner, all offering fantastic beer and more. To enjoy a few days of booze-soaked debauchery and unfamiliar sexy women, Montreal is the ideal place for your squad.Make sure you rent a SUV having a roof rack basket attached which will facilitate any extra luggage effortlessly.

2.     Amsterdam

Let your friend say farewell to life as a single man in style in Amsterdam, Netherlands. It’s a great place to admire water canals, historical places, and museums – but there’s also a lot else going on, especially once night falls. Amsterdam is famous for its red-light district and striptease dinners, and this might be the only time your group gets to see what all the craze is about.

If that isn’t for you, there are other safe ways to have fun. For example, you can try weed-infused desserts and coffee, which is legal here. Or, go on a ride to explore the city on a bike drinking beer. To summarise, it’s safe to say Amsterdam is a place with an open-minded population like no other.

3.     Las Vegas

This one’s kind of a given. No list of the best bachelor party destinations is complete without Las Vegas, Nevada. Start by booking a legendary hotel room in the strip-like at the Venetian, the Mirage, Caesar’s, or the Bellagio. This way, you can be sure of spending more time having fun and less time being stuck in traffic in the back of a limo.

During the summers, there are pool parties all day. When it’s not so hot, you can also go golfing, go-karting, shooting guns, or paintballing to get warmed up for the night. Once it’s dark, there’s no limit to the kind of things you could do.

You’ll probably run out of time before you run out of money exploring all the casinos, strip clubs and nightclubs the city has. If you’re feeling lucky, you could not just gamble on the table games, but also by making a bet on whatever is on – an NFL game, a championship fight, or a horse race. A trip to Las Vegas, Nevada, is not one you and your friends will soon forget.

4.     Bangkok

If you are looking for some crazy adventure in a beach city, Bangkok is where you should go. Celebrate your friend’s last days of ‘freedom’ in exotic beaches and luxurious spas all the while surrounded by gallons of alcohol, from mocktails to Everclear. To relieve your soon-to-be-hitched friend of his anxiety, you can even take him to a strip club to watch Asian contortionists take his mind off things with their pole dancing. Once you’ve tried getting him a massage, that is.

During the day, explore the lively city or sip on a drink by the pool. You can even look into getting a party van to dance until sunrise. The best thing about Bangkok is how it won’t leave you with a gaping hole in your wallet, even if you decide to stay in the fanciest hotels and eat only at 5-star restaurants.

5.     Goa

If you’d like to keep your fun in India, Goa –  the party capital is the place to go. The stereotype, everything you’ve heard about it, the hype – it’s all true. It’s the ideal place to unwind and have some crazy fun amidst nature. Since it’s mostly pleasant between Nov-Feb, this is the perfect time to plan a trip if you’d like to spend daytime on a beach bed sipping your favorite drink or doing something sporty like paragliding, scuba diving or jet skiing with the boys.

The night is when it gets really wild here. Party by the beach with affordable alcohol and live music till the early hours of the day. Or, even better, rent out a yacht to have your little party on the water. For the slightly more conventional-looking to be inside a walled space, there are countless pubs, bars, clubs, casinos, and discotheques so you’ll never be bored.

To Wrap Up

The five cities mentioned above are some of the most stunning and beautiful locations you could choose to throw a legendary bachelor party. So, depending on what seems like the best choice for you and your friends based on travel time, overall budget, and other factors, pick one and get the party started!

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