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2020 elections : I’m coming back to alleviate hardship – Mahama

Former President John Dramani Mahama says he is coming back in 2020 to give hope and address the challenges confronting Ghanaians.

According to the NDC flagbearer, he is coming back to alleviate Ghanaians of their suffering and create an equal opportunity of all.

Speaking at the inauguration of the NDC’s manifesto committee in Accra today October 23 2019, Mr Mahama said he is seeking a comeback to give Ghanaians hope because he has occupied the presidency before, experienced it and has learnt useful lessons.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I’ve been there before, I’ve experienced it, I’ve learnt useful lessons, I’ve reviewed issues and events and I’m coming back to you together with my party, the NDC, with what will be a practicable strategy for laying a solid foundation for the transformation of our country.”

“We are coming to give you hope and address your concerns and challenges because we feel your suffering and we believe in opportunity for all, not just a few as we are witnessing today,” he added.

Mr Mahama also said activities of the NDC are aimed at restoring hope and “addressing the increasing hardship inflicted on Ghanaians, unprecedented corruption and the family-and-friends governance we are saddled with today.”

The former President noted that the NDC, through its manifesto, will provide a robust set of policy options guided by research but most importantly by broad consultations to renew hope in the governance of the country “to accelerate what was a successful beginning to the diversification and transformation of our economy and significantly improve the living conditions of our people”.

John Mahama said in the past, the NDC manifesto had been drawn up by a technical committee set up by the party largely based in Accra and producing for the party a document-based mainly on the expertise of the membership but the 2020 manifesto will be different.

It will be a manifesto that will be the conclusion of a long, detailed “consultative process involving broad interactions with our people, incorporating their concerns, their hopes and their aspirations”.

The NDC said it will consult many bodies including the TUC, ICU, Mine Workers Union, student unions, Persons with Disability (PwDs), the Federation of Muslim Council, market women, fishermen and other segments of the population.

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