10% fare hike: Report cheating drivers – GPRTU

The Ghana Private Road Transport Union (GPRTU) has advised passengers to report any driver who charges more than the agreed 10 per cent transport fare hike, to the union office.

This follows several complaints by some passengers that some drivers are charging more than the agreed increase.

This, according to the National Vice Chairman of the GPRTU, Robert Sabah, is unacceptable.

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Speaking to Class News, Mr Sabah said: “It is the duty of passengers to ensure that no driver cheats any of them. If you know how to work it out, you work it out and make sure that you demand the driver follows the announcement that the GPRTU has made. That is the only way we can also help ourselves.

“The instruction was 10 per cent, nobody should take anything more than 10 per cent. If any driver cheats and you get to know the vehicle number, the passenger should report to the officers at the station and when they refuse to act on them, they can go to the regional secretariat for action to be taken on the said driver”.

Transport fares go up by 10 %

According to the GPRTU, the new fares have become necessary after factoring the rising cost of fuel into their pricing. The union also said prices of spare parts and other transport-related services have also gone up, justifying an increase in fares.


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