$1.2 billion Ghana card is fraud – Ken Agyapong

Maverick politician Kennedy Ohene Agyapong has described as “fraud” and a “drain on the national purse” the $1.2 billion set aside by the National Identification Authority, NIA, for the registration and issuance of the Ghana Card.

He said the budgetary allocation for the exercise is bloated and that the project could successfully be carried out with “paltry $50 million”.

Consequently, the legislator labeled Professor Ken Attafuah as a non-performing asset and a liability, whose questionable activities could bring the NPP’s administration down.

“Akufo-Addo must sack this guy! He is simply incompetent. The whole NIA contract was fraught with corruption and underhand dealings,” Ken Agyapong alleged.

The MP made the call on Adom TV on Tuesday.

“Are we crazy? $1.2 billion for Ghana Card? Are you out of your mind? Are we crazy? This is thievery. They are disgracing Akufo-Addo and it really pains me. Are we crazy in this country? I speak for Ghana, I don In India, their population is 1.2 billion people and they used the same amount for a similar project. Ghana we are “A poor country like Ghana?”

Mr Agyapong disclosed that he was fronting for an Indian company that was ready to accept $50 million to conduct the exercise, but Prof. Attafuah unilaterally blocked the deal and later handed it to his preferred choice.

“Ken Attafuah has failed Akufo-Addo and Ghanaians. He is just a talkative. He knows nothing about what he is doing. How can a population of 30 million use $1.2 billion for identification cards? He is robbing everyone,” Mr Agyapong stated.

The Ghana Card project, which seeks to modernize and formalize the Ghanaian economy, was one of the campaign promises of the New Patriotic Party.

Government has said it will in the establishment of a credible national database and serve as the primary ID card that citizens will use to access all services in the country, including even travelling within the West African sub-region.

When fully implemented the Ghana Card will be the only valid ID for application for a bank account, passport, telephone number, property acquisition, driver’s license and many more.


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